Bigg Boss 7: 5 Reasons Why It’s The Worst Bigg Boss Season Ever

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Bigg Boss 7 is the worst Bigg Boss season ever and many of you will agree with me on this. If you do then you must have seen the previous season but if you don’t I made a list of five points that forced me to come to this conclusion about Bigg Boss 7.

5. Housemates fighting like children

bigg boss 7 fights

Photo Credit : KoiMoi

This season was the most irritating season ever! Mostly because of the fights between the contestants. One day I was minding my own bussness and heard that Pratyusha was fighting with Andy because Andy said that the “gobi ki sabgee” she made was not good. Who cares! Who can forget about Gauhar and her overacting, Armaan coming towards you and pushing you (because he is 6’2”) and Kamya’s bullying. If you are opposite to these guys, you’re screwed. We saw some glimses in the “Yes No task” (Day 73). By the way that episode was my favorite.

4. The House itself

bigg boss 7 house

The whole concept of Bigg Boss 7 was that the house will be divided in two parts, heaven and hell. Obviously that didn’t work. The hell was crushed and turned into a van. And now into a room. I mean Bigg Boss 7 people should have come with a solid idea. Just because of one idea the show didn’t start well and the rest is history. One tip for Bigg Boss Season 7 people, don’t overdo things. Keep it simple. Simplicity is never out of fashion.

3. Most of the contestant were from the same occupation/industry

Bigg Boss 7 contestants

If you ask me, then this was a major reason why Bigg Boss 7 is not successful. See the picture above, except for sangram everyone in the house were somehow related to the TV/Film industry. Even Sangram’s girlfriend (Payal) is from the same industry. This made it unreal. I mean if these people have taken acting as there full time job, some part of the living will be affected by acting as shown by Kamya in few episodes. She was talking to herself and as Salman said she was giving a “TV performance”. This makes it look fake. I know you have to have actors on a show like bigg boss, but all of them? NO!

2. Presence of Pratusha and now Kamya

Pratyusha and Kamya

Photo Credit : IBNLive

This was the main reason I avoided Bigg Boss 7 for a long month. Every time this girl used to come on the screen only these words used to come out of my mouth, “Somebody Please KILL HER!”. And now its her best friend the great Kamya who is getting on my nerve. To be very honest when Kamya entered the house I felt she must be sweet and not like what we watch her on TV but believe me she is actually a witch! She is very calculative and the only person she love on this planet is her daughter. In this week’s nominations we saw her patching up and hugging tanisha and andy but after few minutes going to the confession room and nominating them. Very GOOD Kamya, Keep it up. Nobody’s going to vote you!

1. Baised Evictions

bigg boss evictions

In this season evictions were seriously fixed. I cannot comment about the previous seasons but this time you can easily see a pattern. The rule was simple, if you are giving content we’ll keep you or you’ll be thrown out, formally or informally (like the Yoga master :D). You can pick up any elimination and see the time they were on TV in the last week. Let it be the first of Hazer or the last week’s Elli. There were news that Ajay Devgn requested Salman to get Tanisha out. Everything was decided but at the last minute the channel disagreed and Asif was brought out. This guy was taken for granted for the whole season! And tanisha is giving hell lot of a content.

These were my 5 reasons why Bigg Boss Season 7 sucked. Obviously you might disagree or have other reason. In any way use the comment box to convey your message.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Worst season ever.

  2. Is this like your version of Big Brother?

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