How To Add Hovering Social Media Share Buttons To WordPress Images

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As the title suggests, we’ll be talking about social media share buttons. Social sharing is as crucial for a blog as getting visitors. With good number of followers and appropriate audience, one can easily get thousands of views just from social media sites. The major social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. I use Zemeta plugin as the sharing plugins for my article but recently I found an awesome way to share images on these social media platforms. ‘Markerly plugin’ adds social media share buttons which not only makes it easy to share images and text from the article but even gives it an elegant look. It install hovering buttons on the images which will only get visible whenever the cursor is hovered across it. Seems good, huh? You can take your cursor to the images below and see the effect.

social media share buttons

The main question is how to configure this plugin. It is not as easy as clicking install and it’ll start working and is also not very hard. Below is an elaborated tutorial on how to install the social media share buttons.

How to install and configure Markerly Plugin:

  • Download the plugin from here and upload it to the FTP account or install it from the plugin directory by searching for “Official Markerly Widget” and activate it.
  • Go to Setting>Markerly Options and you’ll find a page like this:
  • Click on the “Get it here” link to get the Publisher ID (its mandatory). This will take you to the markerly website where at the bottom you’ll be asked to enter your email address.

markerly wordpress setting 1

  • After entering your email, two box will appear (see the picture below), one with the code which you have to copy and paste between “<body> and </body> tags” and other to confirm that you have entered the code correctly.

markerly website

  • I will advise to paste the code in the ‘header.php‘ which you can find in Appearance>Editor. And also paste the highlighted code (see the picture above) in the Publisher ID box found in the Markerly setting in WordPress.
  • Enter “facebook,twitter,email,pinterest,comments” in the ‘Image Sharing Services’ box for obvious reasons.
  • After entering every detail in the setting page, it should look like this. You can switch on ‘Text Sharing’ if you want and save the changes.

markerly wordpress setting 2

  • Now check any image on your blog, it’ll have hovering social media share buttons which includes facebook,twitter,email,pinterest and comments which can be edited/deleted from the Options page.

This was the tutorial on how to use Markerly plugin to add social media share buttons to your WordPress/Blogger images. I tried to make the tutorial very simple but still if you have any doubt, you can use the comment section below.

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  1. Ken Atodahl says:

    Uh, can I use Digg Digg by Buffer?

  2. Thank you Rishab sir…because of you i was able to apply these changes on my website…

  3. Dear Rishab,

    Markerly plugin is very good. It helped me lot to get good traffic to my site. once again thank you for this share.

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

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