Batman Vs Superman Movie: Everything We Know Till Now

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Since the announcement that two of the most loved and famous DC character will be teaming up in a major movie together, the internet has been filled with rumors and speculations about Batman Vs Superman. As is the nature of the internet, this has resulted in a lot of misinformation and wishful thinking getting in the way of the facts.

batman vs superman movie

There is a fair amount of information that we can take as fact till now. Being Dexter has been analyzing every information on every major site, from casting to shooting. Obviously, things can and will change before the film hits the big screen but, we have got a handy list about what we know about Batman Vs Superman till now. All information is correct and substantiated by various sources at the time of writing.

Batman Vs Superman is undoubtedly one on the most anticipated of movie of 2015. New statements and facts are released on a weekly, if not daily basis. If there is anything not contained in the body of the article that has been confirmed and is not referred to, please feel free to share it in the comments thread at the end of the article. Otherwise, here are seven major things we know about the film.

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  1. Batman vs Superman … I vote for Batman

  2. Aras Androck says:

    I vote for Batman too. Never been a fan of Superman..

  3. rohit marathe says:

    This Article is awesome, enjoyed while reading it, well i personally feel that justice league movie should be limited to Batman, Superman & wounder woman only.

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