Bigg Boss 7: 5 Reasons Why We Watched This Horrible Season

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Bigg Boss 7 is the worst Bigg Boss season ever. If you believe me then “fine” but if you don’t, you have to seriously check my previous article on Bigg Boss Season 7 “Bigg Boss 7: 5 Reasons Why It’s The Worst Bigg Boss Season Ever“. Even after being the worst season of Bigg Boss, we still watch Bigg Boss 7. It is still getting the TRPs, obviously not what they must have expected. After getting appreciation for my previous article, I thought of writing this article. It was very difficult to write this article because very few points existed but still I have managed to get 5 point stated below.

5. Presence of Andy and now Ajaz

bigg boss 7 ajaz and andy
You have to agree on this. Andy has been the most entertaining guy from the starting. I did not like him from “Dare To Date” or from the other programs he was anchoring but he was a lot different here. I won’t say all the things he did were right but I can seriously say that he is the most selfless person on the show. He does not think bad about about other contestants. On the other hand, when Ajaz entered the house I thought he’d be the fighting badass guy and he really is but he has a funny side too. The jokes he made on Kushal and the flirting (acting) he did was actually entertaining. Overall I think these two guys will make it to the “Final 4” and I will vote for them.

4. The Tasks

bigg boss 7 tasks
All thanks to the hilarious and fight instigating tasks that Bigg Boss 7 is still airing. Few were funny, few were disgusting, few were risky but all in all they were hilarious. Let it be Ratan Rajpoot in cow dung or Apurva and Sangram having an haircut (LOL). Who can forget The Box Task which turned wild. From Kushal drinks water from dog-Heaven’s bow to Ajaz playing a small kid, Bigg Boss 7 had all the masala as far as the tasks are concerned.

3. Anchoring of Salman Khan

bigg boss 7 salman
If you think this is coming form a fanboy then my friend you’re seriously mistaken. I hate Salman Khan’s film. I have not seen Dabanng 2. Whenever it comes on TV, I change the channel. Oh! I deviate a lot. So as I was saying the statistics says that the weekend episodes of Salman Khan are the most watched, not only in India but in other countries too. No surprise. The episode he does are actually entertaing. The scoulding he gives to the contestants or the jodi of beautiful “pari” and ugly “Jallad”. He does everything to make the episode exciting and actually he should. If you’re taking 5 crore for each episode, the channel should see the results. I hope you knew that!

2. Hangover From The Previous Seasons of Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 3

I started watching Bigg  Boss from Season 3 and I pretty much liked it. I had no idea what it was, it was just I went to the colors channel. In all five seasons I have seen, honestly Season 3 was the best. After that, Season 4 was “OK”. Season 5 was shifted from 9pm slot to 10:30 and even the host was changed. Who can forget the “Five 5, Five 5, Five 5″ from Sanjay Dutt. I have to admit that his hosting too was awful besides the season. Even Season 6 was “fine”. Many people will agree with me on this that after watching two-three seasons you get addicted to Bigg Boss. So, even if the season is good or bad, you’ll watch it.

1. Other shows at 9 p.m. slot

Diya Aur Baati Hum

This is the biggest reason why people willing or unwilling watch Bigg Boss. Actually, we don’t have anything else to watch. If we look at the 9pm slot, every channel has its own daily soap. And believe me, I don’t hate anything/anyone more than the “Saas Bahu” serials (obviously if we ignore Pratyusha). They literally sucks! So we are not left with many options and the only thing remains is “Bigg Boss 7″! The last point and this goes hand in hand. Even if we have something better to watch, we’ll not. Because in a way we all are addicted to Bigg Boss.

These were my five reasons on why we watched the horrible Bigg Boss 7 and I must tell you, it took  me three days to come up with this article. I was unable to come up with any legitimate point and obviously “You’re dumb!” is too offensive to be a point. But still if you’re “God” and have any other point, please do comment.

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  1. I don’t really like that show. Too scripted.

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