Download Genesis Framework v2.0.2 (+ all child themes) for free !!!

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genesis framework

Live preview (For Genesis Framework)

What is a theme framework ?

Before talking about the Genesis framework, let me tell you what a theme framework is (You can skip this part to if you know what a framework is)

A framework is a base theme with barely any kind of styling. Its basically bare bones and nothing else. It contains no fancy styling.  But, it contains all the functions, required for a good theme, just with less styling. You can call any theme as a framework (Also called as parent theme), for e.g twentytwelve, twentyeleven , and offcourse genesis! or any other you can think of.

So, what do you do with a framework ?

A framework serves as a base theme (like the genesis framework), and all other themes are built on it which are called as child themes (like eleven40). Some themes are built on frameworks while others are made out of scratch and can serve as framework. And off course child themes made with a particular framework can serve themselves as framework for others.

This is just a short description.You can learn more framework  from wordpress or wpbeginner (They have written a great article about it, for absolute beginner)

Its legal to distribute genesis!!

Genesis free download

WordPress is a free  software, but this is not the case with Genesis framework. It comes at a price of whooping $59.95!!!

Now, I wonder why do they charge so much for a theme framework with no fancy styling. And let me tell you something about the license which themes use.

All the lines of code written for the genesis framework are in php  are licensed under GPL , i.e they can either be distributed free or charged!

This is because, all lines of php code in a theme are considered to be derivatives of wordpress software itself which is absolutely free. If you want to know more about it, you might want to take a look at this article by wordpress.

While all the fancy or custom styling you see in the themes are considered to be work of art and can be copyrighted, the way author wants. So, when you are happy with discounts or free updates on premium themes,think over it once again, you are paying price for a thing which should be distributed freely!!!

Now many of you might say “Okay, all the lines of php code are free, but what about styles and images?”

Now, here’s the argument:

If they charge me so much for just a piece of style(I have excluded all functions), why can’t I rob them back by distributing styles for free.

Now again, an argument will pop out, “sharing styles is illegal ?” It is technically, copyright infringement!

But what about all the functions I am talking about, which should be distributed for free!

And if you haven’t figured already, take look at your theme, major part of it are just functions. And don’t tell me you can’t make images for yourself ! And after this, all that is remaining is a css file !

So, in short they charge you for some images which you can get on net for free, and a css file. I frankly, cannot afford paying 59.95 bucks (to be exact) for a theme framework, most of which should be distributed freely. And there’s one more thing. Buying framework, won’t do you any good, if you aren’t a developer!

That means if you want a good looking theme, you have to purchase a child theme along with it which would cost you 79.95$  atleast! If you are purchasing one from studiopress.

Seeing this, I decided to do something!

And here’s what I have come up with:

Genesis framework for free download(v 2.0.2!)



/Please visit again… Updating new themes!/


The conclusion:

At one side, you can argue that the author has spent his time and hardwork in creating the theme. While on the other hand I would argue by saying that most of the themes are made by gathering pieces of codes from here and there(i.e copy and paste!) , and images purchased or handmade. What I have tried to present is just my point of view, I am not against studiopress, but all the premium theme makers for charging money way high than its worth and not  distributing their code freely.

Thank you for reading.

Have doubt about the genesis framework or any of its theme??? Feel free to use the comment box below. :)

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  1. Manish Singh says:

    I need eleven40 theme. It very nice, specially red color. I have seen it at studiopress. As you mentioned that you can provide. please mail me.


    • Hello Manish,
      You can get Eleven40 by downloading all the child themes (link is there just before the conclusion). There are I guess 44 child themes. You can check all of them and choose which suits you the best. But before that you have to download the Genesis framework (link is again given before the conclusion), upload it and install it. If you still have any other doubt, we are here to help! ? Enjoy…
      Thank you

  2. eblog says:

    hi, i wonder what happen to me if the studio press know that i used free their theme, what can they do?

    • Answer to your question is a question. How would they get to know that you didn’t buy it but downloaded it from a sharing site.

    • SP Fan says:

      They’ll know you’re using a theme you downloaded from a sharing site when it breaks your site and you need help. Only customers get help.

      They built those themes with time and money. You can download them like Rishab says, but don’t be surprised when karma returns the favor.

      • SP Fan or whatever your name is, I totally agree that customer support will not be available but not everyone can afford $60+$30 for just a theme! I can feel the your pain. Getting something for free that you got for $90.
        Cheers! Enjoy!

  3. Ritwick says:

    thanks for the clean download.
    It’s working fine.

  4. Happy says:

    Thank you x

  5. Sad says:

    I tried uplaoding the plugin but the message I get is “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.” I uploaded the zip file that I downloaded from this site. Am I doing something wrong? Can you please help?

  6. whoisthis says:

    I downloaded a premium theme earlier for wordpress only to find that it had hidden links to porn websites inside the theme. So how can i be sure this does not have those?

  7. whoisthis says:

    can i get the new version of agency 2.0 child theme? the download package only has the old version of the themes

  8. Happy says:

    Hear that 1.9.2 is out. Can you provide the update?

  9. rui says:

    I would like to say thanks so much for the themes!
    would you be able to get the epik child theme?
    that would be so awesome if you could!
    thanks again!

  10. chikicicok says:

    thank you very much for the themes! :)

  11. Thanks man!
    Genesis framework was the most awaited thing for me. But now I finally got it.
    Please tell me how to install child theme inside framework..

  12. dietcerdas says:

    Some child theme was old version, one of theme: Agency 1.0.1.. Can I get a new one ( Agency 2.0)..??? Many thank /// warm rgds….

  13. Avatecer says:

    Hmm, is it affecting to Google adsense if i pick it up to my site ? I’m afraid this framework will stop my earning progress.

  14. zameer says:

    nice man great colloection thanx for sharing

  15. baba says:

    thanks for framework i search for many days thanks one more time

  16. Thanks Rishab. I was searching for hours :|, at last found it :) . Starting a new website ;), hence this frame work and themes would be greatly useful to me

  17. akhil says:

    I uploaded the framework but its not listed In the plugin list

  18. Haseeb says:

    Can Genesis people find out that I’m using a pirated version of their framework…

  19. Danno says:

    Don’t suppose you have access to the Education 2.0 theme? The one included is Education 1.0.

  20. Arpan says:

    Thanks man! Now I’ve a clear Idea about it…

  21. Melissa says:

    You might try WooThemes Canvas.

  22. MM says:

    Thanks for this, much appreciated.

  23. AJ says:

    Thank you very much for this! I really appreciate this and I share your sentiment that they charge much.

    My question is this, what happens if they upgrade the framework? Will the framework already installed on my site automatically update? I really am not familiar about these things. Many thanks!

    • You’re welcome AJ… The framework will be upgraded if you upgrade it. ;) You will get an message about the update. You can manually update it from there (WP).
      Do check other themes in our WordPress category…
      Thanks for visiting…

  24. gajinder says:

    thanks its very help full site

  25. Marie says:

    Hi there, I notice that the child theme Luscious isn’t in the file to download. Will this be added at some point as its very girl and I do love it :)

    Thank you for pointing all these things out, you have helped me a lot in your posts and this download.

    • Sorry Marie I cannot edit the package but will surely try to get the Luscious theme for you.
      Thanks for commenting. Keep visiting and do check other themes in our WordPress category…

  26. prashant says:

    dexter. i am a newbie here in blogsphere. so can you please tell me that if we have to code something in the genesis framework to modify it according to our need.

    and wether studiopress is going to now that we our using downloaded version of their framework.

    please suggest.

  27. Shantanu says:

    Hello Dexter!!

    Awesome Collection mate!!

    I am Mainly looking for Eleven40 theme and other awesome Premium Child theme , are they here in the Package ?

  28. prashant says:

    do you have thesis 2.0 framework

  29. Great Work, dude. You are awesome. I was searching for it. Sure, Genesis is leading other web designing companies and platforms. Thanks for giving it free.

  30. Aravind says:

    Hello Dexter, Firstly Thanx for Sharing!!!
    But I have a doubt, if I make a website using this framework you shared, will studiopress sue me if they come to know that i didn’t buy ???

  31. yskan says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

    is there any chance to get Executive 2.0?

  32. Thanks for the list of theme of genesis and all i really needed it as i am trying to make both genesis and child theme as one theme. It is disgusting to use two themes in genesis.

  33. Joe says:

    downloaded framework but where are skins?

  34. Prabhu says:

    Hi Rishab This is prabhu ks im unable to download the eleven 40 theme can u please help me out..

    • Why not prabhu…
      First download the whole package and unzip it.
      Then convert the eleven40 folder into .zip format and upload it via theme setting.
      Enjoy… :)
      Do share it with your friends.

  35. Ginhans says:

    Thanks for genesis framework but I liked your FB page and I can’t seem to find the link to download all of the child themes. I checked the comments and you said it was before the conclusion but I don’t see it.

  36. baba says:

    where is eleven40 Child Theme link to download

  37. Mahesh says:

    great article but can u just tell some great site to download free wordpress themes

  38. sue says:

    When I try to upload the child themes I get an error that a CSS sheet is missing

    • Sue,
      You do not need to upload the whole package. Unzip it. See which theme you want to upload. Zip that particular folder (containing theme) and Upload it.
      If you still face any problem please reply.
      Thank You.

  39. Marie says:

    I’d love to see the Mompreneur theme!

    • Will try to get it.
      Thanks for commenting Marie.

      • Marie says:

        I know several places where it’s used. I’ve got the style sheet. I might even be able to figure out how to create a functions.php file, etc myself. I’m crafty like that. Unfortunately, I just don’t have as much time as I need to get it done quickly, whilst maintaining my existing sites.

  40. Rahul Biswal says:

    hello Dexter, please tell me how can i add slider images just like in Your site’s homepage .

  41. Rajan says:

    Thanks for the themes. Since we won’t be able to get support from studiopress guys, what if we need any kind of support, how to get it to solve problems if anything happens? Any suggestions?

  42. Rahul Biswal says:

    please how you have edited eleven 40 theme.I want to show attractive images and sliders as in your site’s homepage.Please tell me.

  43. Sam Adeyinka says:

    Thanks for sharing this fam! it was really helpful… You are the boss and I truly celebrate you!

  44. thanks a lot dude. I installed the framework successfully. But I need help. Take a look on my blog How to remove the upper part.

  45. Garland says:

    bookmarked!!, I love your website!

  46. umpreet says:

    Hey, Thats a great help buddy. But I wanter the techblog theme pro. Could you get me one?

  47. Avatecer says:

    whoa, 2 months i’ve been here :),
    looks like i gonna download this theme, after several consideration :). to put this theme on my another site
    thanks Rishab :)

  48. Piyush says:

    i am surprised.
    a 180KB file costs $58 :-O

    • Yeah its just 180 KB but don’t compare the size with the hard work they have put in it.
      There are many child themes that they have developed and developing that were and still are appreciated by everyone!
      I have just provided this for those who cannot afford it.

  49. John Smithe says:

    Thanks for the download Rishab! I really have a request for 2 themes if posssible:

    Elbe Blake:


    Really appreciate anything you can do for me! Thanks :)


  50. fackass says:

    Thanks Rishab for the content!!! This is really a superb wp framework!!! Any chance you will post Genesis 2.0 anytime soon??? I have a new project pending and would try to give 2.0 a testdrive!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!!! YOU ROCK!

  51. Alicia Guarino says:

    Hi Rishab,

    I cannot seem to download the child themes. I’ve liked on Facebook, tried unliking and then re-liking…doesn’t seem to be working. Got the framework ok though…

  52. Nevermind! I got it, thanks for the wonderful stuff :)

  53. Tim says:

    Any word on the Epik theme?

  54. Susur says:

    Hi Rishab,

    I cannot download the Genesis themes despite liking Twitter account. Can you please help post the link pls or alternatively correct the above Twitter download link.


  55. Superb theme and downloading that now

  56. hiideemod says:

    no download link found…..

  57. hiideemod says:

    when would d link display

  58. hiideemod says:

    or is it not displaying for mobile

  59. hiideemod says:

    download successful thanks man

  60. The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    this is the error message i get when i try to install it on my wordpress

  61. roberto says:

    How do you use the catalysts dynamic website builder with this? It is an addon for genesis. Before catalyst was a famework its self but after many people buy their framework and themes for hundreds of dollars they stop work on catalyst and want more to buy genesis. I no pay more for this genesis because its not fair

  62. Tarun Soni says:

    thanks for sharing such a good stuffs
    that’s will cost around 70$ i get its free of cost

  63. trunks says:

    i’m very like education theme 2.0. you can share for me!!

  64. dryant says:


    I can’t download all the chid thems despite of I Liked you.
    Where’s the button to download?


  65. rohit marathe says:

    sir i’m really impressed by your website and the content it has ! i hope u don’t mind if i ask doubts to u on your website.

  66. Heather says:

    “Download Genesis WordPress Framework v1.9.2 (+ all child themes) for free !
    !! |” honestly makes me personally imagine a small bit further.

    I actually appreciated every single part of it. Thanks for your effort ,Lewis

  67. Tim says:


    How can I be sure there will be no virus attached when I download?

  68. Jenny says:

    Do you have the News Pro child’s theme?

  69. michelle says:

    Hey there.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Please provide me with the link to download your collection of child themes. I cant seem to find a link for it. Thanks a mil. Awesome article.


  70. amit says:

    It would be great if you upload html5 news pro and streamline pro for download.

  71. Fajar says:

    Man, do you have epik child theme?

  72. Robson says:

    Please provide me with the link to download your collection of child themes by email. I liked your page. I reloaded the page. No link for it displays.

  73. Bilyotoy says:

    :( Regularly visiting this site to for the ePik theme too. Hopefully that will be uploaded.

  74. Pritesh says:

    I do not see an option to download any Framework . Am I missing something ?

  75. Jon Paul says:

    Hi there, I Liked on facebook, twitter and google+, I got the framework but can’t get the themes as no link appears unfortunately, tried refreshing the page but still no luck, also just for your information your share images for twitter and the thumbs up image you have that says “like to download” do not show up correctly in firefox or IE, they show fine in google chrome though, hope this helps.

    Thanks for the framework, if you could provide me with the download link to the themes that would be awesome, thnaks again it’s much appreciated! ;)

  76. Emma says:

    Interesting idea, but you’ve just charged us for their work, by asking for a ‘pay with a tweet’ – you’re profiting from their work, which is theft. As a sometimes-developer, even gathering code from “here and there” and making it work in a coherent way is time consuming. Plus what about the hours they’ve spent studying in order to learn how to do it – yes, a framework is only useful to a developer because of the hours they’ve spent learning their craft – are you saying that you’re not prepared to pay for expertise and recognise where it’s due? I do hope you publish this comment in the interests of showing the flip side to the debate that you’ve opened by publishing this post!

  77. Robson says:

    Rishab, the link to the themes in facebook option does not appear. Only the link to framework in tweeter button appears.

  78. not working says:

    Hi Ive managed to download the framework, and now have liked you on facebook – but am unable to download child themes?

  79. I hope it’s still free to download. I need this framework

  80. Eric says:

    It seems like a lot of us having been having trouble with the child themes since the new year. Any suggestions?

  81. Sandy says:

    Does the package contain news pro child theme ?

  82. aporav says:

    Not found link for themes, New theme Newspro is included in this zip ?

  83. Janine says:

    Hey there!
    I was able to download the framework but I cant find a download link for the child themes even though i liked it on facebook and reloaded the page afterwards. Can you send me the link please?

  84. gobi says:

    I have downloaded framework I cant child themes even i click like your site. Let me know once you fix or share me in mail.

  85. Sasikumar R says:

    Rishab, are the links working now?

  86. Thanks a lot Dexter!
    Finally I found the Genesis Framework and all the child themes!

    Cheers! Be Dexter, Dexter!

  87. Hey Dexter, I need Options Framework that compatible with WordPress ver.3.8.1 for the AyoShop child theme.
    Could you help me?

  88. Scott Cox says:

    Hi Rishab,

    I managed the download the Genesis framework by following you on Twitter but I can’t see the link to download the child themes even after I liked you on Facebook.

    Can you please tell me how to download the child themes?

    Btw, thanks for providing the framework and themes, saved me a lot of money :p


  89. davswier says:

    Hi !
    i’m french beginner,
    after i follow you, i don’t find a link to download
    Genesis framework 2.01 ?

    Can you helpme please
    Thanks in advance

  90. Hey i can’t download the child themes after liking the fb page not showing any link to download there. Can you send me the link to download these child themes by emails?

  91. Ramses says:

    The themes download link arent working at all. Apparently the same answer to everyone complaining about the child themes.

  92. Junaid says:

    Dexter i liked the FB page too, i need this Genesis theme too i will be waiting for that amazing offer please do solve the problem. SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

  93. Jon says:

    Hey Rishab,

    I cant see the download links even though I shared this on Google+.

    What gives??



  94. Thank you Rishab for sharing this with us.
    I really appreciate you for sharing this premium Framework with us for totally free. I have bookmarked this blog and will definitely come again.

    I have some questions :
    1. Does this framework comes with updates?
    2. Is it safe? I mean is it malware protected?
    3. Is this genuinely bought from Studiopress?
    4. Can I use it on my website as well on my client’s website?

    I will appreciate if you answer my these questions.

    Thank you.

  95. Xuhair Raxa says:

    i need the Epik theme but will you suggest any gud theme for my blog

  96. Eb Feild says:

    I could not find the link to the framework nor the child themes. Could you email that to me? Thanks so much.

  97. Renata says:

    Hello my friend. Can you help me, please? I can’t find the download link for the Genesis Framework + the themes.
    By the way, can you get this theme for me, please?
    Thank you.

  98. Jane Winslet says:

    Hey Rishab, have you sorted out the problem with the download?

  99. Ajay vasudev says:

    Hi rishab. i liked & even shared this post on social networks but I cant find a download link. could you please send me the link to my email? i only need eleven40 pro theme + genesis framework. i trust that you only provide perfect clean copies.

  100. samuel says:

    cannot see the links to download! anyways thanks for sharing

  101. Rai says:

    I’m looking for link but don’t see them?

  102. giri says:

    There is no download link.. let me know..? is it ?

  103. Thanks dude, you are the life saver was very excited to upgrade my genesis framework, but cannot find over internet finally got one to upgrade to 2.0.1 and its awesome :D

  104. Martin says:

    Hi there,

    I installed the framework, but I have no idea where can I find the child themes. Thank you very much!

  105. Sander says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this!

    I am using the Genesis framework on a lot of websites right now.

  106. Vivian says:

    I can’t find the link to download. Is it still available?
    Thank you!

  107. How i can download the whole package free .

  108. kulwinder says:

    Thanks a Lot Man !!! :)

  109. Thank you Rishab Singh Dheer for this support. But link not working.

  110. Salaam says:

    Hey guys!! I really do not see any download link on the page before the conclusion aside from the red link topgadget. help plz


  111. Gina Lim says:

    I can’t find the download link either. I want to try it out before buying a copy.

  112. Manoj says:

    I like your post. But didn’t find any option to download the theme. How can I get it ?

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