Gold HTC One: Hands On Review

Posted In Technology - By Rishab Singh Dheer On Friday, December 6th, 2013 With 4 Comments

The fact remains that the gold phones have arrived and are ready to take on the world. While  iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 getting in on the act,  HTC has already launched not one, but two gold variants of its excellent HTC One flagship.

While the solid 18ct gold HTC One cost £2,750 (around $4,400, AU$4,700) and was limited to a run of just five, this gold colored (not actual gold) variant can be yours at the standard cost of the handset.

Here’s what the Gold HTC One Version looks like :

htc one gold back full

The gold finish on the front and rear of the handset is broken up by a black band which runs round the edge of the HTC One, engulfing the volume rocker and power/lock key in its darkness.

The etched Beats Audio logo on the rear of the Gold HTC One is a nice touch and we greatly enjoyed running our fingers across it.

htc one gold front side

Gold phones run the risk of looking tacky, but we reckon HTC has done a good job on Gold HTC One and it certainly lands on the side of tasteful rather than tasteless.

On screen it’s the same Sense covered Android experience you get on the stock HTC One, although a special gold theme would have been a nice option to have.

Unfortunately for those of you in the US and Australia, there’s still no plans to release this version outside of Europe.

htc one gold volume rocker

htc one gold volume jack

htc one gold tilted view

htc one gold side on

htc one gold front

htc one gold front up

htc one gold front on

htc one gold front bottom

htc one gold back logo

htc one gold back camera

htc one gold back beats

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  1. I have the white colored version of the HTC One M7, and I think it’s the best color among the others that the HTC One is available in. This gold colored variant also looks good, but I’ll always prefer the white version.

  2. Gwenn Panny says:

    The phone looks classy. I hope it’s affordable.

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