Batman Vs Superman Movie: Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa To Join The Cast?

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The most entertaining aspect about “Batman Vs Superman Movie” has been the reaction from the fans. The announcement of the project itself gave people something to talk about. It is already one of the most talked about movie of 2015 which seems the hottest year for films. After that, we all know what happened when Ben Affleck was casted as Batman. It was quiet for a while and after few months, more and more names are joining the immense cast for the sequel of Man of Steel. A week ago Gal Gadot was casted as Wonder Woman for the same movie. Rumors says, Jason Momoa (“Conan the Barbarian”) is currently in negotiations with Warner Bros. and DC to join the cast as well.

jason momoa batman vs superman

The main question is what will he be playing? Well, there have been rumors that he could be playing Doomsday, who is expected to be the main villain. There’s also the possibility, according to a source from THR, that he could be playing Martian Manhunter, who’s a member of Justice League. And that too wouldn’t be a total surprise, considering that word around “Batman Vs Superman” is that there may be a few cameos from people in the superhero supergroup (Wonder Woman and Flash to name few).

gal gadot wonder woman

Since the “Conan the Barbarian” remake, Jason Momoa is perhaps best known for his role as Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones” from the first two seasons, and earlier this year he had a supporting role in the Sylvester Stallone actioner “Bullet to the Head”. Obviously, if Momoa actually ends up signing on for “Batman Vs Superman Movie”, it could be a huge career booster for him.

Who do you think Jason Momoa should play in the film? Use the comment box below. “Batman Vs Superman Movie” arrives on July 17, 2015.

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  1. Stephen M says:

    I think (hope, really) that he’ll play Darkseid. Why bother bringing him in for just one movie? And why bring in heroes if this sequel isn’t setting up for the “Justice League” movie, where Darkseid would be the best villain? I talk about it more on my own website, but basically, I think that’s the best route to take.

    • I think there’ll be very small cameos from other heroes. And also its too early for a villain like Darkseid to appear on large screens. Maybe they’ll keep him for the “Justice league” movie if this eventually doesn’t turn out to be it!

  2. Still not happy about the Ben Affleck casting.

  3. Max Arthur says:

    That girl looks hot though.

  4. … Momoa has done justice to all his past roles especially as Kaal Drogo in The ‘Game Of Thrones’. Momoa s the reason i”ll be watching the movie.!!

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