Top 10 Funniest South Park Episodes Ever

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South Park is one the greatest animated show ever made. Even I rank it second, after “The Batman: The Animated Series”. Though, I have not seen “The Simpsons” and “Futurama” thoroughly. I’ve seen almost every episode of South Park, and here is a list I’ve compiled of my “Top 10 funniest south park episodes” of all time! Making a list from seventeen seasons/247 episodes was a tough task. And I even had to re watch some episodes.

South Park

Whether you love or hate this show, there is no denying the huge success and cultural impact of it. South Park team works on each episode just a week before the airing. This gives them opportunity of parodying current events and celebrities (recently Kayne West and Kim Kardashian), to produce fresh material that has kept the show from going stale. You may not agree with all of the choices on this list, but if not, just add your own to the comments (I don’t mind :)).

I even put a link to the episode where you can watch it for free from South Park Studios. Here the list comes!

10. Casa Bonita (S07 E11)

Casa Bonita - South Park

When Butters is invited to Kyle’s birthday party instead of Cartman, Cartman kidnaps Butters and locks him in a bomb shelter. As Kyle is hosting the party at Cartman’s favorite place “Casa Bonita”, Cartman first tries to be kind and sweet with Kyle but fails badly. After some buttering Kyle agrees that if Butters is unable to attend the party, Cartman can take his place. To make Butters disappear, Cartman tells Butters that a meteor the size of Wyoming is about to hit Earth and he has to hide in a bomb shelter to build a “new civilization”.

WATCH – Casa Bonita

9. AWESOM-O (S08 E05)

AWESOM-O - South Park

Cartman pretends to be Butters’ robot friend in order to keep a secret safe, but ends up under a cardboard box for much longer than he hoped. Everyone but butters knows that the robot is not real but his fat-ass friend. Butters does not let Cartman leave his side and they end up going to Hollywood. Cartman has to come up with movie ideas for Hollywood executives. And the whole time Cartman is going without food and water. [There is a mention of ‘Casa Bonita’ scene where the innocent Butters says that Cartman kept him in a Bomb Shelter for 4 days]


8. Le Petit Tourette (S11 E08)

Le Petit Tourette - South Park

Cartman fakes having Tourette’s syndrome so he can say whatever he wants without getting in trouble. At start it was fun and he was enjoying it, but after a while the syndrome turned into a real one and he ended up saying some awkward things. Like, how he is attracted to a girl called Patty Nelson, how he cries at night because he has no father, how he still wets his bed, and even how he once touched his penis with his cousin. Nonetheless, this is one of the few episodes where Cartman learns a lesson.

WATCH – Le Petit Tourette

7. Child Abduction Is Not Funny (S06 E11)

Child Abduction Is Not Funny - South Park

Parents in South Park become gripped with fear that their children will be abducted, which leads to them taking more and more extreme measures to ensure their safety. The news channel have made them believe that child’s own parent is responsible for the abduction. The funniest part was asking a Chinese guy to build a wall around the town because Chinese people built “The Great Wall Of China”. As “The Great Wall of China” was attacked Mongolians, this wall too is attacked by the “Mongorians” for no reason what so ever. They were just supposed to attack the wall as there ancestors did. And this is what makes it fifth on my “Top 10 funniest south park episodes”.

WATCH - Child Abduction Is Not Funny

6. Black Friday Trilogy (S17 E07-09)

Black Friday Trilogy - South Park

This trilogy was based on ‘The Game Of Thrones”. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you’ll surely love this. The children of South Park form two battling contingents to get a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One during a Black Friday sale. Meanwhile, Randy takes a temp job as a security guard at the mall in order to make a little extra holiday money. Also, Kenny is now “Princess Kenny”. The battle for which gaming console dominates, PlayStation 4 or Xbox, builds, with both sides of kids and the companies of each game system, vying for the win. Meanwhile, Mr. Bill Gates has killed his own company’s CEO Steve Ballmer because he was not taking the competition seriously. Also, Butters and Scott are off to meet Mr. George R. R. Martin to know when the dragons will arrive but all he’s interested to talk about is “wiener”. The horror of Black Friday begins and the battle starts and of course a new Japanese “Princess” Kenny dies.

5. Make Love Not Warcraft (S10 E08)

Make love not warcraft - South Park

There is a character in the game “World Of Warcraft” who has reached the highest level a gamer can attain. He started killing the kid’s character in the game and has to be defeated. Therefore, the boys become confined to Cartman’s basement for twenty one hours a day playing World of Warcraft. They have become overweight, got acne, and have grown long hair. Cartman even had his mom bring him a bedpan when he felt like going to bathroom so he does not have to leave the computer. I think that scene was yukky but it made the episode hilarious.

WATCH – Make Love Not Warcraft

4. Imaginationland Trilogy (S11 E10-12)

Imaginationland Trilogy - South Park

This was episode was three in one. It all started when Cartman bet with Kyle that leprechauns where real. If leprechauns are real then Kyle has to suck Cartman’s balls but if they are not then Cartman has to give Kyle ten dollars. The boys go into the forest in search of the leprechaun. They do find him and he warns of a terrorist attack on Imaginationland. The boys all go there but Kyle, Cartman, and Stan escape before the terrorist attack. Butters is left there by himself and must imagine weapons for the good characters before Imaginationland is destroyed. It is the best and most beautiful non-single episode in my “Top 10 funniest south park episodes”. Also Cartman’s case goes before the Supreme Court but he never gets Stan to suck his balls because leprechauns are imaginary.

WATCH – Imaginationland Trilogy

3. Fellowship of the Ring (S06 E13)

Fellowship of the Ring - South Park

Full title: “The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers”. In this episode the boys are recruited to take the Lord of the Rings movie to Butters house. Instead, Randy accidentally gives them the “hottest” existing pornographic video. After, Butters watches some of the movie he is transformed into Gollum. The show continues with Butters following them while the Parents and Sixth graders are all trying to hunt them and get the movie.

WATCH – Fellowship Of The Ring

2. Good Times With Weapons (S08 E01)

Good Times With Weapons - South Park

The boys buy “Martial Arts Weapons” from the city fair. The boys tell the seller that their parents are dead in order to get him to sell them weapons. They pretend that they are Japanese warriors. It’s all fun and games until Butters (Professor Chaos) takes a ninja star to the eye. The town is in an outrage and it is not because Butters got hit in the eye with a ninja star. It is because Cartman walked across the stage naked because he feels that is his some special ninja power. Meanwhile, the boys have turned Butters into a dog so that no one can notice that he is hit by a ninja star.

WATCH – Good Times With Weapons

1. Scott Tenorman Must Die (S05 E04)

Scott Tenorman Must Die - South Park

This is the most disturbing episode in South Park history! Cartman buys pubic hair from a ninth grader for ten dollars in order to become a man. When his friends tell him that he needs to grow his own to be a man, he demands his money back. Scott refuses and Cartman comes up with a sick and twisted plot for revenge. You don’t even believe that what you saw just happened and this thing makes it the funniest south park episodes. The following quote goes along with the picture after Scott finds his mom’s finger in the Chili and Radiohead calls him a baby. “Yeah, yeah, oh let me taste your tears Scott. Ummm, your tears are so yummy and sweet . . . Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness. Yummy, yummy guys!”.

WATCH – Scott Tenorman Must Die

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